6th & 7th October 2023

AQ2OPEN Fall 2022

AQ2OPEN Fall 2022

We are hosting AQ2Open Fall tournament on Saturday 10.9.2022

This event is an open entry 4on4 clan-vs-clan tournament taking place both online and on LAN. The LAN venue is in Tampere, Finland at Bar & Cafe Lategame. The event lasts the day, starting in the afternoon and ending at midnight.

LAN entry fee is 20€ per player, which covers your seat and gear for the whole day. Online participation is free.

The tournament will have a group stage and a final stage. Everyone is guaranteed to play around 5 matches. The format is shaped along with the sign-ups. You can now sign up until 9.9.



Royce#9999 – co-owner, admin, LAN (fin/swe/eng)
lintumies#2423 – co-owner, admin, LAN (fin/eng)
johnnylocktång#7757 – admin (swe/eng)
FragBait#1240 – admin
bAron#6531 – admin (swe/eng)
pobu#5763 – Bar & Cafe Lategame (LAN only)


AQ2OPEN is a small organization that hosts Action Quake 2 competitions. We first launched the project in 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic caused a fortunate surge in players due to the lockdowns. We wanted to further spark this positive change.

The nostalgia was immediately tangible, and so we quickly noticed that we’ve created something that needs to out last the pandemic.

Now we are here, 4 events later, as the only actor around hosting recurring events both locally and online. The emphasis has been on the European player base, but all tournaments so far have been open-entry.

We have already created some great memories but will keep furthering this collaboration. We are committed to reaching out to a bigger audience and affecting the lives of as many players as possible!



AQ2OPEN 2022 WINTER (5.3.2022)
Winners maiJaw
Runner-up leftovers

Bracket and final scores (https://imgur.com/a/MP8y63M)

 Group standings (https://imgur.com/a/sGVE4cJ)
AQ2OPEN 2021 FALL (25.9.2021)
Winners maiJaw
Runner-up Rukan hiihtokoulu

Bracket and final scores (https://i.imgur.com/5g4K7et.png)

Group standings (https://i.imgur.com/X2DIwD7.png)

AQ2OPEN 2021 SPRING (15.5.2021)
Winners maiJaw
Runner-up Leftovers

Bracket and final scores (https://i.imgur.com/NPZo9CD.png)

Round robins (https://i.imgur.com/SIgqGf4.png)

AQ2OPEN 2021 WINTER (26.2.2021)
Winners maiJaw
Runner-up Leftovers

Bracket and final scores (https://i.imgur.com/upfJ7qM.png)