It’s getting closer…

IMPORTANT! You need to sign-up in the form below even if you did sign up in the first “registration of interest” form.


make sure to secure your place! this is a final and binding sign-up, so only sign up if you know you will come.

Only sign this form if you are attending the LAN.


    MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS BEFORE. THIS IS WHAT you need to know FOR NOW. if you have any questions please let us know,
    What’s the ticket price to participate?

    Happy to announce that we’ve been able to lower the ticket price through funding and sponsors!

    Ticket price for the whole Saturday will be absolutely nothing. Zero.

    NOTE! If you’re not participating the tournament itself, you are free to hang out and pay by the hour (normal price).

    How do I pay?

    Each player pays on Saturday 26/11 at the venue by card. No cash.

    How do I play with my own cfg, pak, textures etc?

    As we will be using Steam AQtion client it takes away the hassle of bringing and installing your own AQ2 from an USB stick. AQtion has Steam Cloud enabled which you can enable and set up at home.

    At the venue you simply log in to your account and all is ready. You can check the wiki guide on Steam Cloud or contact us for more info.

    Please make sure you test this in good time before you go, we will send out a reminder regarding this.

    Do I need to bring any gear or equipment?

    No! All equipment is already at the venue and you don’t need anything to bring with you. However, if you want to you can bring your own (like mouse, mouse pad, keyboard, headphones).

    Standard gear/equipment to choose from at Space Club
    Keyboards: HyperX Alloy Origins Core, Alloy Origins and Alloy Elite 2
    Mouse: HyperX Pulsefire Surge and Pulsefire FPS Pro
    Headset: HyperX Cloud II
    Mousepad: HyperX Fury

    NOTE! If you bring your own gear, please mention that in the form so we can prepare the PC’s with correct software. Example, Logitech Hub, Razer Synapse etc.

    Can I borrow “special gear”?

    Yes, but let us know. The venue will let us borrow non-standard gear and equipment. A good example is if you need a full-size keyboard since all the keyboards are tenkeyless or smaller.

    I arrive to Stockholm before 26/11 – will there be a meet-up?

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Since people arrive different times there won’t be a “fixed activity”, but instead a come as you are meet-and-greet. More information will be sent to the ones signing up.